Loncito’s Lamb

Loncito Cartwright

Be still, my bleating heart.

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I knew it was going to be a great interview when his driving directions were, “Take Exit 47, and when you get to Swinny Switch, just pull into the beer joint and give me a call.”

CSA = Community Supported Awesomeness


My Not-So-Little Box of Sunshine

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I stood there frozen, hands gripping the basket, staring at rows and rows of green and orange and red, overwhelmed, lost.

Roasted Poblano Buffalo Burgers


Dedicated to the Davatron 5000

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Gamey Schmamey. Bison is a fresh, robust, healthy alternative to the sad and often bland grocery store factory beef.

How to Roast a Pepper


Oh, the places you’ll go!

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This is a method that comes in handy for many a recipe, and, like all things, with a little practice it becomes almost second-nature simple.

Oven Fries


Shamelessly Simple, Unapologetically Delicious, Secretly Healthy

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Atkins can shove it.  I eat these probably once a week with everything from omelets to burgers.

Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup


Get Ahead with Red

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I make vats of this when red bell peppers are on sale and freeze them for days when I’m too busy (read: lazy) to cook.

Raspberry Balsamic Glazed Shrimp


Blink and you’ll miss ‘em.

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These disappear at parties, so consider doubling the recipe if you’re expecting more than 15 guests!

Shortbread Cookies


Warning: Can be habit forming.

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So easy, so addictive, and I’ve usually got all the ingredients on hand at any given time.

Zax Pints and Plates

A New Kind of Comfort Food

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I’m not talking about maccaroni and chicken-fried steak. Comfort food should make one feel good, not greasy and guilty.

Fish Tacos


You’re going to need a fan.

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In my experience, no one can resist these. Mr. Trent’s brother, who doesn’t eat seafood, scarfs these down like there’s no tomorrow.