Salads: Undressed and Exposed, Part 1

salad dressing

Vinaigrettes: 1 Technique, 10 Possibilities

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News flash: “italian” dressing isn’t really Italian, “french” dressing isn’t French, and making your own is sickeningly simple.

Lasagna al Pesto


Nothing lost in tranlsation here.

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A friend of mine was recently in Italy and brought back a pasta cookbook for me. In Italian.



Just when you thought a cup of coffee couldn’t get any better.

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Italian for “twice cooked,” biscotti are easier to make than cookies, but these coffee accompaniments never fail to please.



What can I say? It’s a week of dedications.

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This one is for Barbie Koy and my former Italian professor, Irene, who used to freak out when we mispronounced this. So do it for her: Broo-skate-uh.

Mustard Crusted Pork Chops


This one’s for you, Mama Goose.

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My mom is allergic to all things chicken. Depressing, right? Not so much when you consider that she can still eat these!

Balsamic-Marinated Strawberry Salad


Where have you gone, Joe Pistachio?

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The original version calls for pistachios, but I figured that most of us would rather NOT get salmonella poisoning at the moment.

Asparagus Tarts


What doesn’t taste good with puff pastry?

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Even if you’re not a fan of asparagus, you’re only 7 ingredients away from impressing {insert names here} with your French pastry skills.

Chicken Poblano Empanadas


Tex-Mex doesn’t quite cover it.

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Even though I’ve lived in Texas my whole life, I still feel like a poser sometimes when I make Mexican food.

South Tex Organics

South Texas Organics

Growing citrus worthy of its own utensil.

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My love affair with grapefruit began with the silverware drawer, where I found that the jagged end of a grapefruit spoon made an effective sibling torture device.

Meatballs Arrabiata


Arrabiata=Angry=Spicy=Endorphins=Want More

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When we used to live in industrial southeast Texas (God love it), I needed all the comfort food I could get.