The Cove, San Antonio


Wash your car. Wash your clothes. Wash your grass-fed burger down with a beer.

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What began as an afterthought, The Cove turned out be, easily, the best part of the trip.

South Tex Organics


South Texas Organics

Growing citrus worthy of its own utensil.

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My love affair with grapefruit began with the silverware drawer, where I found that the jagged end of a grapefruit spoon made an effective sibling torture device.

Loncito’s Lamb


Loncito Cartwright

Be still, my bleating heart.

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I knew it was going to be a great interview when his driving directions were, “Take Exit 47, and when you get to Swinny Switch, just pull into the beer joint and give me a call.”

CSA = Community Supported Awesomeness



My Not-So-Little Box of Sunshine

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I stood there frozen, hands gripping the basket, staring at rows and rows of green and orange and red, overwhelmed, lost.

Top 10 Things Every Foodie Wants for Christmas


Merry Christmas

Looking for last minutes gifts? Skip the mall. Give food.

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My version of Oprah’s favorite things, deliverable (or pick-up-able) before Friday if you order by 12/23. Sweater-capes not included.

Farmhouse Delivery



Too lazy to make it to the Farmer’s Market? No sweat.

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Okay, Austinites, now I’m really jealous. Farmhouse Delivery is bundling CSAs with other local groceries and delivering them straight to you.