The Cove, San Antonio

Wash your car. Wash your clothes. Wash your grass-fed burger down with a beer.

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What began as an afterthought, The Cove turned out be, easily, the best part of the trip. On a recommendation from our friend and local lamb rancher, Loncito Cartwright, we drove to this carwash/laundromat/burger&taco bar as a quick stop for lunch on the way back to Marble Falls on Saturday. Trent claims that it was the best meal he’s eaten all year. All I know is that I had a damn good burger.

The Set-Up

Yup, you read correctly. This gem of a joint serves up sustainable, locally sourced gourmet burgers, tacos, salads, etc. with a side of carwash and laundromat. There’s a bar out back pouring local brews and vino, and a stage for evening entertainment. Place your order at the counter up front by the laundromat, then seat yourself inside at the long string of tables or outside in the shade. It was 102*, and we opted for air conditioning.

The Meal

As we were following the suggestion of the lamb rancher, himself, I ordered the cumin-scented lamb burger on ciabatta with sweet potato fries, and Trent opted for the bison burger with fries and a Rio Blanco Pale Ale. We halved and shared. Unscripted, we both took a bite and grunted through a mouthfull of food, “Oh my god.” And then we scarfed with abandon. Totally sated and in a foodie stupor, we tried to figure out how often we could reasonably pull off the hour and a half drive from our house back to The Cove on a regular basis.

Anyone up for a burger trip to San Antonio? Feel free to pack a laudry bag. This place is super family friendly: beer for Dad, playscape for Junior, and junk food you can feel good about eating.

The Cove
606 W. Cypress
San Antonio, TX

7 Responses to “The Cove, San Antonio”

  • rob:

    I want to go to there.

  • davatron5000:

    That Bison Burger looks awesome. It’s what I dream about. Seriously, Jess and I once got Buffalo Burgers at this “famous” place outside of Palm Springs and it was just pitiful microwave patties. The burger pictured above looks like everything I could hope and dream for in a burger. And the sweet potato fries look BUUUUUUCK!

  • Ray-Gun:

    Sounds legit. I can never turn down a solid burger.

  • Ray-Gun:

    Wait… did somebody say SWEET POTATO FRIES?

  • Trent Walton:

    sah-weet potato fries… local beer… juicy burgers. It was rad.

  • camille gaines:


    I love your site and photos!

  • Eating The Road: