How to Roast a Pepper


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  • 4-6 large peppers
  • 1-2 T. oil
  • 1-2 paper bags
  • Latex gloves for hot peppers

This is a method that comes in handy for many a recipe, and, like all things, with a little practice it becomes almost second-nature simple. I usually hold on to the brown bags that my wine comes in at the grocery store and use them solely for this purpose. Once roasted, the flesh of these peppers can be used for soups, spreads, dips, you name it.

The How-To

Set oven to Broil. While it’s heating, wash and dry peppers. Rub peppers all over with oil and place on foil-lined baking sheet. When broiler is on full blast, place pan of peppers on rack closest to top of oven without actually having peppers touching heat source. We want to blister and char the skin without actually cooking the pepper. The flesh will steam when we move these to the paper bags.


When the skin begins to blister and char (after about 2-4 min), turn over. After all sides of the pepper are blistered and blackish, remove from oven and using tongs, transfer peppers to the paper bag(s). Immediately rolled the tops down to keep steam from escaping. Let sit 20 minutes to steam before (with gloves or plastic bags on hands if using a spicy pepper). Once peppers have cooled a bit, remove them from paper bag and peeling back charred skin (bottom to top works best for me). Take out the stem, seeds (and veins if you’re concerned about heat/spiciness). Set flesh of pepper aside for use in recipes mentioned above.

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  • Trent:

    We made these last night and I love them. We’ll be posting the burger recipe that these peppers are often paired with soon.