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A New Kind of Comfort Food

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I’m not talking about maccaroni and chicken-fried steak. Comfort food should make one feel good, not greasy and guilty. Yes, comfort food should be delicious, but southern soul food’s requisite lipid overload is a non sequitur. Where is it written that delicious must equal health nightmare?

Enter: Zax Pints and Plates, a restaurant that serves food that makes you feel, well, good. Zax is the restaurant I wish were on every corner, where I could go twice a week for a damn good meal–a sort of updated Cheers meets French bistro, with windows on just about every wall and the living-room feel of original wood floors. It’s the food I would make for myself if I had the time and talent to do so, and I have been known to try to recreate a dish or two.

Real Food

Fresh ingredients, no bull. For lunch, I typically want something filling that won’t weigh me down for the rest of the day. Solution: my choice of luscious, loaded salads, goat cheese and spinach omelet, a bowl of the best tortilla soup in Austin (if it’s cool out), or a cuban sandwich with salad instead of fries, for example.

For dinner, I usually want something I can sink my teeth into and enjoy with a nice glass of pinot noir or a Fireman’s #4. Solution: split a pizza and a house salad with a friend, flat iron steak or big fat pork chops, or go for Mr. Trent’s favorite South Texas Burger, to name a few.

Real Ale

Local microbrews from Austin, Blanco, and Houston grace the taps, and high quality Belgian standards are always on hand. Nice wine selection, too, and of course–the marker by which we judge all good Texas restaurants–they serve Tito’s vodka. They’ve got an awesome happy hour, and Wednesday night is pint night.

Real Staff

I’m always met with a smile. Period. Service is always timely, and my iced tea is always full. Bonus: if you’re fortunate enough to be there for dinner service, keep your eye out for a friendly blonde with a glass of white wine, possibly arranging flowers. This is Chris. Tell her I sent you.

2 Responses to “Zax Pints and Plates”

  • Trent:

    One of my favorite places to eat in the entire world.

  • John Odum:

    Definitely going to have to check this place out. It’s on my way to and from campus so it might just be my new usual.