Farmhouse Delivery


Too lazy to make it to the Farmer’s Market? No sweat.

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Okay, Austinites, now I’m really jealous. Farmhouse Delivery is bundling CSAs with other local groceries and delivering them straight to you. No traipsing to the farmer’s market in the rain, having to stop for cash, and hoping you make it to Loncito’s Lamb before the Chef from Olivia gets all the good cuts. You lucky sons-of-Stephen F. don’t know how good you have it.

Sign Up N-O-W

Deadline for signing up is January 1. Get on it. Details at

What can I get?

Seasonal veggies and fruit plus any extras you want to add on: meat & poultry, bread & pastries, cheese, coffee and other beverage-related items, not to mention basic pantry goods like Texas olive oil, vinegars, etc.–all produced in the Lone Star State.

Photo by Jody Horton